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Inspired by the Rich Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki, we purchased a set of courses from Rich Dad Education/Tigrent Learning and traveled to Dallas, San Francisco and Las Vegas to take courses. We began purchasing homes in foreclosure and rehabbing. Our first property was completed in 28 days and sold in 7 days. Continuing with this model we were able to buy and sell 6 more homes over 24 months and use the proceeds to purchase rental properties. We currently own 3 single family homes and a 2 side by side duplex.

In 2011 we added our first commercial property to our portfolio which was a 30,000 sq foot office building in Little Canada for $625K which was completely vacant at the time of purchase. Within the first 2 years we have been able to raise the occupancy to 100% and raise the value to $3M. Since 2011 we have added 8 properties to our portfolio for a total of  368,000 sq foot retail center and a 89 unit mobile home park.  In this period of time, we where able to give our investors a annual return between 32% and 62%.

The biggest part of is WHY we do we want to do this. We want to have the time and the financial means to give back. We plan to donate 10% of our net profit to charity. Janet is involved with Junior Achievement and would like to spend more time teaching children how to be successful in their own businesses. We both share a passion for teaching kids financial literacy – so when they graduate from high school they know how credit works. Shawn enjoys motivating and teaching family and friends how to get off their butt and start achieving their dreams. We also enjoy working with local charities to raise money and awareness. If you share the same passions, let us know so we can get you involved.


Sona Investments, Inc locates underperforming commercial properties and implements creative strategies that lead to an immediate acquisition of equity, rapid growth, and solid returns for our investors and partners. We base our success on maintaining a clear understanding of our role in the communities we serve. We facilitate the improvement of communities by stabilizing and revitalizing non-performing assets. We focus on creating value and exceeding anticipated returns for our partners, our clients and all the professionals whom we employ.


Shawn Johanson

With advanced knowledge of real estate market trends and the inner workings of the financial industry, Shawn Johanson founded Sona Investments as a way to create wealth while improving homes, office buildings, and retail centers throughout the United States. Shawn and his partners identify residential and commercial properties in need of revitalization, then begin to implement strategies that lead to acquisition of equity, rapid growth, and solid investment returns. Shawn has renovated more than a dozen homes and has overseen the purchase of numerous commercial properties. Shawn has earned the trust of several private money investors and his real estate portfolio continues to expand.

Prior to starting his own business, Shawn worked in collections and spent five years as a loan originator for General Electric. Inspired by Robert Kiyosak’s Rich Dad book series and seminars, he became interested in real estate, earned his license and took a position with Keller Williams. With an overwhelming drive to succeed and plenty of professional experience, he left the corporate world in 2008 to start Sona Investments and ventured into commercial real estate in 2011.

Shawn is grateful he’s able to do what he loves and enjoys giving back to the community through Junior Achievement, a program that promotes financial literacy and education for students and young adults, and through Give Us Wings, an organization focused on rebuilding villages through health care, education and economic sustainability in Kenya and Uganda.


Janet Johanson

Co-Founder & CFO
Janet graduated with honors from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management in 1999. Janet is a true entrepreneur who started a beverage consulting business in 2002, Bevsource. Building the company from the ground up, Janet has firsthand experience in every role in Bevsource including sales, production management, freight, compliance, business operations, and finance. Her results-oriented work ethic has enabled Bevsource to help hundreds of products come to market in the U.S. and overseas and achieve over $18 million in sales in the first 10 years in business. She is a “learner” by nature and is always striving for personal growth which drove her to begin coursework in residential real estate in 2007. About three years later, her curiosity was sparked in Commercial Real Estate and she is currently mentored by Scott Scheel and is a member of the Diamond Inner Circle, a group of CRE professionals, who closed on transactions in 2014 of over $100 million. Outside of the group, her personal CRE experience includes purchasing a vacant 29,096 SF office building in St. Paul MN for $625,000, which has since increased in value to $3.2 million and is 100% occupied. Outside of building businesses, she has a great passion in working with Junior Achievement (JA) to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs and teach financial literacy. She was named by JA in 2014 as “Entrepreneur Leader of the Year”. She sits as the Chairperson of JA’s Project Lead Board and is a member of their Building Committee who will be developing a $14 million building to be completed in 2016. She hopes to continue to learn as much as she can and create a legacy of hope for young people to achieve their dreams.

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