Shawn Johanson


With advanced knowledge of real estate market trends and the inner workings of the financial industry, Shawn Johanson founded Sona Investments as a way to create wealth while improving homes and office buildings throughout the United States. Johanson and his partners identify residential and commercial properties in need of revitalization before implementing strategies that lead to acquisition of equity, rapid growth, and solid investment returns. Johanson has been personally involved in the renovation of more than fifteen homes which quickly sold in a struggling market. He has overseen the purchase of numerous commercial properties, including one which was acquired 2013 for $1,640,000M and sold for 2,700,000M in December 2015. Prior to starting his own business, Johanson worked in collections and spent five years as a loan originator for General Electric which he managed a portfolio of $34 million. Inspired by Robert Kiyosak’s Rich Dad book series and seminars, he became interested in real estate, earned his license and took a position with Keller Williams. With an overwhelming drive to succeed and plenty of professional experience, he left the corporate world in 2008 to start Sona Investments. Shawn Johanson is grateful he’s able to do what he loves and enjoys giving back to the community by donating a portion of Sona’s profits to program that promote financial literacy and education for students and young adults.